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Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification

What is CEM

What is Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification?

As the pioneers in Critical Event Management, Everbridge has developed a proprietary CEM Standards Framework offering certified organizations the industry’s first end-to-end methodology for evaluating and benchmarking enterprise resilience preparedness. This framework is based on experience from over 20 years of professional service implementations across tens of thousands of enterprises from over 150 countries and tens of billions of critical interactions delivered.  

Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification enables organizational leaders to understand their current capabilities and make informed choices based on their risk appetite. Further, it can be used as an external value signal, providing confidence to customers, employees, and investors.  

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Best in Enterprise Resilience Certification Seal

Earn the Award

A Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification award shows stakeholders that you’re a champion of rethinking and prioritizing resilience for now, next & beyond by implementing the CEM Standards Framework™.   Once you become certified, display the certification on your site and sales materials to let the world know you’ve earned it. Certification is available for these five CEM pillars:

Business Operations

Keep Business Running

Showcase the breadth & depth of your commitment to financial & operational resilience, regardless of the threats you face.

  • Global security
  • Business operations
  • Incident management
  • Crisis activation & task assignments

Manage supply chain efficiency as a way to enhance your business’ resilience to critical events.

  • Identify suppliers, routes & stops
  • Automate threat identification
  • Automate threat response
  • Supply chain visualization

CEM Operations and Business

People Resilience

Provide Duty of Care

CEM protects everything organizations care about from anything they worry about.

  • Employee engagement
  • Duty of Care for travelers, field workers, remote workers, & visitors
  • Travel Risk Management & executive protection
  • COVID-19 recovery
  • Wellness checks

Digital Operations

Protect IT Systems from Internal & External Threats

Validate your expertise in safeguarding your digital ecosystem in a rapidly changing business environment.

  • Major incident management
  • Application disruption
  • Infrastructure disruption
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT security operations

Smart Security

Automate Sensor & Devices Response

Get recognized for how you applied advanced technology that adds value, interconnectivity and keeps your building secure and the people in it safe.

  • Command center
  • Integrated security
  • IoT device control
  • IoT sensor integration
  • Alarm management

Public Safety

Build Secure and Resilient Communities Through Critical Event Monitoring and Rapid Public Safety Response

Enable public authorities to quickly assess critical events, alert populations, mobilize available resources, and coordinate across multiple agencies to keep people safe.

  • Prepare – Proactively monitor and mitigate risks
  • Respond – Faster incident response and recovery
  • Communicate – Reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time
Public Safety

All organizations completing the certification process have appreciated the rigorous assessment that compares them to others, identifies their strengths and provides opportunities for improvement.

- Thomas Crane, Senior Program Manager, Everbridge