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Program Overview

Best in Enterprise Resilience™

Best in Enterprise Resilience Certification Program
CEM Framework

How is Enterprise Resilience Certified?

The Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification is awarded based on Everbridge’s CEM Standards Framework™ methodology. The CEM Standards Framework is the product of 20+ years of experience helping customers keep their people safe and businesses running.

The certification process assesses how well and completely organizations adhere to specific standards related to Business Operations, People Resilience, Digital Operations, Smart Security and Public Safety.

According to a Gartner Report, "Organizational resilience remains a strategic imperative, growing in importance as businesses face threats from pandemics, cybercrime, severe weather, climate change, civil and political instabilities."

Gartner, "Predicts 2021: Organizational Resilience," by Roberta Witty, Katell Thielemann, Ron Blair, David Gregory. 4 Jan 2021.

What Does it Mean to Get Certified?

The CEM methodology signals the automation and acceleration of operational response to critical events to keep people safe and businesses running. The Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification seal signals to customers, employees, partners, and investors validation of a trusted organization status for Best in Enterprise Resilience™.

Get CEM Certified

Benefits of Certification

Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification identifies organizations that meet and exceed the CEM Standards Framework™. Through the certification process, organizations:

  • Benchmark performance against industry peers, including areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  • Improve planning, budgeting and resource allocation
  • Drive strong return on investment through targeted initiatives
  • Demonstrate a commitment to enterprise resilience and duty of care, instilling trust among employees, partners, customers, and investors
  • Recruit and retain top talent
  • Formalize recognition at the organizational level for global leadership in enterprise resilience
  • Reward individual achievement via employee certifications on professional profiles

Benefits of Critical Event Management (CEM)

CEM success unlocks enterprise resilience. The Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification program acknowledges the best in breed. A strong CEM program helps organizations:

  • Make better strategic data-driven decisions
  • Enable and protect revenue streams
  • Increase profitability through expense efficiencies
  • Drive operational improvements
  • Ensure consistent practices are applied globally
  • Fulfill duty of care
  • Automate intelligently
  • Bolster brand & reputation
  • Help keep people safe and operations running, faster™

Best in Enterprise Resilience Certification Seal

Earn the Award

A Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification award shows your stakeholders that you’re a champion of rethinking and prioritizing resilience for now, next & beyond by implementing the CEM Standards Framework™. Once you become certified, display the certification on your site and sales materials to let the world know you’ve earned it. Certification is available for these five CEM pillars:

More than a Job: It’s Our Mission

Each one of our assessors has been hand-picked to enable and empower you to drive resiliency across your operations. Learn how our experts can help.

BER Certified

Get Noticed for Demonstrated Resilience

Get an organizational snapshot, providing a current view of your company’s resilience, including strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • “As a global designer, installer and manager of physical security systems…we know the importance of business continuity and disaster preparedness. We look forward to sharing this well-earned accolade with our valued customers and partners.”

    Zach Henderson, Director of Managed Services, Northland Controls

  • “The certification confirms our commitment to keep our employees safe and to ensure we have an effective program in place.”

    Brad Earman, Senior Manager of Security and Intelligence Operations Center at Discover.

  • “We strive to do the best and having a third party look at it and evaluate our programs are always great, so we appreciate the feedback.”

    Global Crisis Manager, Major Media Company

  • “This is helpful as we look towards the future and set our roadmap for what we want the crisis management process to look like.”

    Crisis Management Leader, Financial Services Company

  • “The assessment gives us a really good sense of where we stand and more importantly a well-thought path moving forward.”

    Director of Response and Intelligence, Major Media Company

  • “It is great to have our perspective validated, and to see the benchmark analysis so we know where we stand in relation to other organizations.”

    Global Head of Security, Pharmaceutical Company

  • “The assessment was a good way to take inventory of where things were compared with where they are today. Laying all of that out and speaking through it was a good experience to go through.”

    Security Technology Manager, Leading Consulting Firm

  • “The benchmark analysis says a lot…and it helps us keep pushing toward our vision.”

    Chief Security Officer, Fortune 500 Company

  • “CEM has improved our efficiency by leaps and bounds. It’s transformed how we operate.”

    Global Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

Here’s How to Get Certified

Qualifying organizations are eligible for certification by our Professional Services team. Please click the button below and complete the form, apply and agree to the terms and conditions. A member of our team will follow up with you to discuss next steps toward certification.

Ready to Get Started?

Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certified Customers Include:

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Our list of Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certified companies continues to grow.

Stay tuned for new exciting updates on the companies that have achieved excellence in driving business continuity and demonstrated readiness to manage critical events throughout their organization.

Start Your Certification Process Now

Step 1:

Get Assessed

The assessment examines preparedness and resilience across 4 competencies:

  • Data & Analytics
  • Digital Transformation
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Smart Process Automation

Step 2:

Get Certified

Receive a certification report providing a view of the company’s current state of resilience, including strengths and opportunities for improvement. Stakeholders can use this report to determine what improvement, if any, to pursue.

Step 3:

Get Recognized

The Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification serves as a way to communicate that your organization values safety and dependability, increasing trust in your organization both for internal stakeholders like employees as well as external customers.